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CUNA continues its partnership with CUNA Mutual Group to offer face-to-face Discovery Sessions at ACUC. Addressing the most urgent issues for credit unions, these small, personal sessions provide a comfortable forum for credit union leaders to hear best practices and share their ideas and experiences.  

Future of the Branch

George Hofheimer

This session summarizes a Filene Research Institute colloquium held earlier this year on the future of the branch. Perspectives from academic thinkers, credit union executives, and branch design/building firms sketch the interplay of different branching priorities for different types of credit unions and different types of memberships.

Reaching Gen Y and Millennials with a Message They'll Actually Listen To

Josh Allison

Youth today insist on more than a trendy brand or sleek logo. Exposed to more sales pitches and marketing than any generation before them, they are adept at choosing who to listen to. This session presents a blueprint for creating relevant relationships with teens and young adults through smarter marketing, social relevance and strong values.

2012 - The Year of Chip Technology: How to Eliminate Magnetic Stripe Card Fraud!

Ann DavidsonHap HuynhLeanne Phelps

Don't be the last to get on board with chip technology! Learn about this innovative technology and how it greatly reduces card fraud risk. Hear a successful, real credit union story of how State Employees' Credit Union (NC) has incorporated chip technology into their card program and gotten members to embrace their new chip cards.

Don't Be an Idea Killer! The Future of Innovation at Your Organization

Tasha Dahl

Who should create the innovation and change so needed to push our movement into the next generation of financial services? Not the usual small group of "leaders." Our surprising stories will convince you to give your employees complete control of innovation at your credit union. Hear key insights on how to make such an innovation program work for you.

Changing Trends in Executive Compensation

Scott Albraccio

Over the next five years, more than a quarter of all credit union CEOs will reach retirement age. This quickening pace of potential retirees is expected to continue over the next 19 years. Is your credit union prepared for these retirements and the evolving needs of your top leadership? Discover strategies for building competitive executive retirement solutions.

How to Thrive in Today's Economy

Facilitator: Bob Larson
John Cassidy, Dan Sutton 

Participate in a dialogue with key decision makers from credit unions who have consistently posted successful results in spite of challenging times. Discover what these credit unions are doing right. Hear best practice strategies to achieve above average financial results in a constantly changing environment. Apply these case studies to learn how to formulate your own credit union's strategies for future success.

Working for Good: How Social Responsibility is Driving the Next Generation of Leaders

Facilitator: Brent Dixon
Panel: Matt Monge, Jill Nowacki

In a groundbreaking research initiative, The Filene Research Institute and Net Impact have partnered to examine how doing good motivates the millennial workforce. Join this conversation on some of the most important issues driving the next generation of leaders.

For Every Consumer Intention, There Should be an Equal and Opposite Credit Union Action

David Polet

This interactive session will investigate how economic shifts beyond the Great Recession and housing crash will likely impact your members' perceptions, attitudes and expectations of your credit union and your competitors. How are technology and the economy shaping behaviors and perceptions, especially among younger people? Discover how this impacts strategic initiatives concerning insurance and investment offerings.

"Tell Me We Aren't Doing That!"

Denny Graham

Is yours one of the many credit unions with policies and procedures built to avoid risk, but that sacrifice productivity as a result? Learn how leading credit unions identify productivity enhancements with amazing results – like gaining 23 hours per week for branch managers to coach staff on your sales culture. Discover how to learn from your employees. Stop sacrificing sales for operations and build a stronger sales and service culture.

The Impact of Mobility on Credit Unions: What to Expect

Shahab Choudhry

The overwhelming popularity of mobile devices tends to impel a flurry of spending and invention - some of it wise and well-timed, much of it not. Learn the answers to four questions you need to answer to guide every step of your tablet/mobile strategy. Leave with a deeper awareness of multi-industry trends, best practices from other credit unions, and how to kick-start your tablet/mobile strategy.

Digital Branding

George Hofheimer, Katie Sollenberger

Mobile phones, ubiquitous internet, iPhone apps and social media are all rewiring the way consumers, especially coveted younger consumers, choose and interact with brands. This session summarizes a Filene Research Institute colloquium and presents insights on how to reach, strengthen, and sell to these desired markets. Learn how to establish a digital brand congruent with your business strategy

Credit Union Sustainability: A Long-Term Model for Success

Mike Higgins, Jr.

It can be difficult to outline and agree upon a clear cut set of organizational priorities, especially in a cooperative world where maximization of ROA and maximization of member benefit are in direct competition. Sustainability emerges as a harmonious priority. Learn how your credit union can apply a new model for sustainability that focuses on the new drivers of long-term value creation.

The Business Case for Employee Engagement

Randy Kohout

Despite a volatile economy and high unemployment, a Towers Watson 2011 Survey found the majority of companies struggle to attract critical-skill employees. At the same time, organizations are squeezing merit increases and expect longer hours. In this presentation you will learn strategies to attract and retain critical talent. Randy will discuss aligning engagement programs with business objectives, communicating effectively with key employees, reallocating rewards to top performers, reducing work related stress and leading employees through change with effective leadership communication. 

Superior Consumer Lenders During the Great Recession

Facilitator: Patrick McElhenie
Panel: Joe Rossa, Garth Strand, Steve Stryker

Hear first-hand how three credit unions grew consumer lending portfolios by more than 5% each year during the Great Recession. These institutions were a select group studied by Filene Research Institute to better understand how to deliver top results during tough economic times. Find out how you can apply and maximize their time-tested practices to grow revenue and support your members' lending needs.

Effective Credit Card Program Management

Ondine Irving

Ensure your credit card portfolio strategy maximizes profitability through effective card program management. This session covers effective portfolio analysis techniques and how to best control the expenses of your credit card program. You’ll also hear and share ideas on card program profitability and tips for reviewing alternative credit card processing options.

Five Best Practices for Online Cross-Selling

Geoff Knapp

This session will pinpoint five online retailer practices that can benefit credit unions, and identify others that are best left behind. Discover how to proceed in areas such as user experience customization, in-product recommendations, cross-selling of credit union services and marketing of third-party services. Learn from consumer research and focus group findings how you can successfully market online.

Align Your Team or Forever Fight the Steering Wheel

Dr. Neil Goldman

Have your well-crafted strategic plans gotten sidelined by the spin of daily credit union life? Address the reality of the whirlwind and embrace new tools to create a cohesive, uniformly focused institution. This session shares how to use a complementary scorecard leadership and communication system to measure, manage and align departments and staff to the highest objectives of the organization.




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