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Presentations for ACUC breakout sessions and thought leader sessions

Monday, June 18

Thought Leader Sessions:

Building the Credit Union of the Future
John Lass

What Makes the Generations Tick and What Ticks Them Off
Anna Liotta

The Trust Edge: What Top Leaders Have and 8 Pillars to Build it Yourself
Dave Horsager

Discovery Breakout Sessions:

2012 – The Year of Chip Technology: How to Eliminate Magnetic Stripe Card Fraud!
Ann Davidson, Hap Huynh, Leanne Phelps

How to Thrive in Today’s Economy
John Cassidy, Dan Sutton; Facilitator: Bob Larson

Changing Trends in Executive Compensation
Scott Albraccio

Reaching Gen Y and Millennials with a Message They’ll Actually Listen To
Josh Allison

Don’t Be an Idea Killer! The Future of Innovation at Your Organization
Tasha Dahl

Future of the Branch [Handout 1]   [Handout 2]
George Hofheimer


Tuesday, June 19

Thought Leader Sessions:

2012 Elections: What’s the Implication for Credit Unions?
Panelists: Bill Hampel, Mike Schenk, Richard Gose; Moderator: Ryan Donovan

How to Market to People Not Like You
Kelly McDonald

The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die
Dr. John Izzo

Discovery Breakout Sessions:

Credit Union Sustainability – A Long-Term Model for Success
Mike Higgins, Jr.

For Every Consumer Intention, There Should be an Equal and Opposite Credit Union Action
David Polet

Tell Me We Aren't Doing That!
Denny Graham

Working for Good: How Social Responsibility is Driving the Next Generation of Leaders
Matt Monge, Jill Nowacki; Facilitator: Brent Dixon

The Impact of Mobility on Credit Unions: What to Expect
Shahab Choudhry

Digital Branding
George Hofheimer, Katie Sollenberger


Wednesday, June 20 

Discovery Breakout Sessions:

Superior Consumer Lenders During the Great Recession
Panelists: Joe Rossa, Garth Strand, Steve Stryker; Facilitator: Patrick McElhenie

Align Your Team or Forever Fight the Steering Wheel
Dr. Neil Goldman

The Business Case for Employee Engagement
Randy Kohout

Effective Credit Card Program Management
Ondine Irving

Five Best Practices for Online Cross-Selling
Geoff Knapp


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