CUNA Business Lending Certification Institute: Advanced Credit Analysis

Dana Sumner

Review of the Business Credit Analysis Process

  • Review cash flow concepts and statements
  • Understand operating cycles and other factors that impact cash
  • Analyze a case study to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a business

Loan Servicing and Portfolio Management

  • Understand how and why to evaluate the quality of your portfolio
  • Examine loan covenants and other portfolio management tools
  • Learn how to structure different types of loans
  • Review the components of risk rating matrix
  • Complete an annual review memo

Analyzing Manufacturing Businesses

  • Receive an overview of the manufacturing sector
  • Focus on specific areas for review and analysis including: COGS and gross profit margins, and the importance of the operating cycle
  • Differentiate between fixed and variable expenses
  • Discover red flags for manufacturers
  • Complete a Manufacturing Case Study

Analyzing the Service Sector Businesses

  • Recognize the unique aspects of service sector businesses
  • Understand the competition
  • Identify markets
  • Understand the red flags for service businesses
  • Complete a Service Sector Case Study

Analyzing Retail Sector Businesses

  • Receive an overview of the retail sector
  • Identify funding needs
  • Recognize specific concerns when lending to the retail sector
  • Complete a Retail Sector Case Study

Analyzing Commercial Real Estate Projects

  • Understand methods for valuing property: commercial real estate appraisals
  • Learn how to calculate cash flow for non-owner occupied properties
  • Discover the cautions in construction lending
  • Uncover the red flags
  • Complete an Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate Case Study
  • Complete a Non-owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate Case Study
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