Pre-Conference Workshop

Change It Up! Turning Knowledge Into Change
Claudine Oriani
Any new knowledge, skills, or attitudes we acquire begets change – that's a given. You can't implement great ideas or initiatives without first changing your current reality. As prevalent as change is in our daily lives, it appears that many of us struggle with guiding ourselves and others through the process.

Join Claudine Oriani for this thought-provoking pre-conference workshop and you'll be a master at converting knowledge into measurable actions back at your credit union. We'll provide you with the ability and know-how to:


Create Your Change Map for this Event:

  • Conduct a SWOT analysis of your performance gaps;
  • Define which sessions will best suit your needs;
  • Identify customized objectives for each session you select.

Change Management Skills:

  • Why change is challenging and resisted
  • The Rider and the Elephant: The story of human reaction to change
  • How to use change assessment tools to create an action plan
  • Successful steps to guide ourselves and others through change
  • Keeping the change momentum strong and sustainable

Registration for the Pre-conference Workshop is an add-on during checkout for full conference registration.

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